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Another day, another anthem.

wtf? I have no idea what I am talking about. lol. Anyways... Today=Tuesday. I had my 3rd/4th exam today, which was Us History Honors... it was kinda hard for me because I had to write an essay, and I couldn't seem to find and/or sort out all the info I needed. But, Dr. Hall is awesome, and he said we could leave whenever we finished the exam... so around 10:45, Ashley, Kristina, and I went to play in target. OMG IT WAS SO FUN!!!! We played in the toy isle a long time. There was a skateboard that was the size of one of my feet... and we were wheeling around on it falling off. It was hilarious. Then Ashley and I got hockey sticks and a bouncy spiky ball and were smacking it around. There were like 7348973945 cameras by us, and we kept randomly running away so that we wouldnt be caught (lmao, yes we have issues... who would catch us in TARGET?!?) So then, we attempted to hoola-hoop, and I was being extrodianarily loud (as usual), but it turns out I can't hoola hoop anymore. Then, a security guard walks up to us, and we are all sure that we are going to be yelled out.. Turns out he just wanted to pick on me because I can't hoola hoop. lol.

So then, all three of us went to Hola Mexico, where we met other people (Amy, Molly, Megan, and Bryan). That was another hilarious time... Kristina, me, Amy, and Molly were in one booth.. Amy kepy blowing her snot into the nachos and Kristina assisted me in spilling my drink everywhere (it was a joint effort!). The waiter was realllly hating us by this point because we had gotten up and tried to move and he was like "NO!". Then when the meal was over, Amy and I were once again wreaking havock! We were "transferring drinks" through our straws to eachothers' cups and.. I soaked the nachos and she peppered them.. So then the water i have dumped all over the nachos leaks everywhere.. and we made a mess.... lol.. you would have had to have been there.

So i went to guard, which was boring... then i came home and went out to eat AGAIN! We went to Kyodi... I LOVE KYODI! I had terriaki chicken... hibatchi is the best. Then my sister and I watched sex and the city for a bigillion hours again. We are losers.

DAMNIT, why the hell does my mom have to get married in less than 2 days?!?!?!?! I really hate that. damnit. damnit. damnit. damnit. *beats head on stapler* I'm going to go poke at things with venomous earlobes now.
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