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Gimme a Drumroll

Ahhh... Sunday... the day of relaxation!!! YEA... in what universe? lol. Today was all work for me... but it was a great day for work.. bc somehow i managed to stay there for 9 hours... I HAVE CROSSED INTO SPECIAL HOSTESS TERRITORY. lol. No this is exciting because I could use the money sooo much (the mall calls??)! And today was the last day before the next pay period lol. So I went in at 10:55 and left at 7:48 (yes that is exact time lol). How about I checked with Dan on my last paycheck and they had shorted me 60 dollars... Too bad it took me a week to figure this out.. but yay! cash for meeee!

So.. back to yesterday... Yesterday wasn't all that eventful.. but at 3:00 Ashley, Bryan, AJ, and I saw Shrek 2... I love that movie! IT ROCKS! lol.. Puss in boots was so cute (awww lol Ash). Then I went to work and blah blah blah and so on. I found out I'm going on a 7 day Cruise to Alaska. in July. Woot Woot!!! I am going to take sooo many pictures...

Hary Potter is opening soon.. Ashley and I have to buy tickets in advance for opening night. HELL YEA BITCH. I can't wait! Lol me=super nerd...

Hey: random question for you all.... Has anyone read the Book Fast Food Nation??? I really want to read it.. it sounds so interesting.. Anyone who's read it leave me your thoughts please?

Amy: We need to friggin figure out our Dashboard plans!! Call me when and we'll talk woman! We NEED to!!!

Joe: I miss you?!?! Where are you. We need to hang out lova. ;[ don't abandon me!

Ashley: When are we going to buy our tickets?!?! This is urgent lol.

myself: wtf you are a loser, you. Stop talking to yourself in your journal. *smakcs herself with a shiny stapler*

Ha... I'm still working on the "Which disfunctional 'My Little Pony' Are You" quiz.. If you have any AWESOME suggestions for ponies lemme know! I already got a list.. but I'm too lazy to post it.

Much love guys.... ;]
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