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gumdrops and lima bean soup

so yes, quick update:

1. Matt isn't letting Amy and I stay at his condo anymore... we are screwed.. I am going to beg my grandma tomorrow to let us use her house for one night (please mema let us! have PITY on us!)

2. I am going to avenge Mike with my Kharma. Kharma always kicks you i nthe ass. (um yea we had a battle going on at work.. very very funny.. If Terry would have seen us bolting through the resteraunt like 5 times screaming about straws, our asses would have been grass :-D )

3. My Carebears layout is pimp.

4. 50 First Dates is an excellent movie. I watched it for the 2nd time with Ashley today.

5. Anthony is a crazy mofo.
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