shivernthedark (shivernthedark) wrote,

ew it tastes like olive juice

Well today has SO FAR been better than yesterday. Yep.. no depressing "dark clouds of misery" (haha amy and liz.. remind you of someone???) hanging over my head. I had to wake up this morning at 8:00... ugh so much for sleeping in right??? I had to go the carwash guard was having... Then I went to work. I was so confused when I got there... because it was 11:00 and everything was locked up and there were no cars... turned out Terry (owner) was there but didn't hear me knock... I was confused for a while tho.... Then I came home and ate Rush's because i was starving!

Today I have to go out to eat with my dad at Gerabraldi's or some shit. It's expensive.. I was invited to two parties tho tonight.. Baxters birthday party at Chance's and Anthony's birthday party at his house... I can't go to either.. Money says the entire Garrett's staff will have slept with eachother by tomorrow (minus ashley and I) lol. Yea they are all going to be so wasted lmao.. I can't wait to see them tomorrow when they roll in at 11.. hahaha... Danny was like "YOU AREN'T COMING????!!!! DON'T YOU WANNA GET PISS ASS DRUNK AND WAKE UP NEXT TO SOMEONE NAKED AND NOT KNOW HOW YOU GOT THERE?!?!" Gee that's allright.. i think I'll pass anyways.. not tonight lol. The guys at Garrett's have a fixation with asses. This is official.
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