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I heart YOU!

Hmmm... So today is Monday, but who gives a shit about mondays anyways??? Let us start from SUNDAY!

So.. yea.. I was forced to get up to go to early church because I had to work at 11... so i did... At work I was the THE ONLY person not with a hangover. It was very very sad. They were all shitting around and complaining.. it was funny. Terry finally gave me my paycheck.. and how the shit did I get almost $20 off in taxes??? I mean I only got like 57 dollars... WTF?! ugh... I NEED MORE MONEY BITCH! I think I need to get a 2nd job. Damn. Anyways... after work, I stayed a lil while longer because Emily was like "Don't leave me!!! I'LL BE BORED" so yea.. then I went home and pretty much watched sex and the city for the rest of forever... ooooor just a few hours!

ANNND... then monday came! (My spine is still hurting biatch! i mean wtf?)I'm falling apart due to the inability to move my back and my foot being a bitch as well. So I took my "excruciating" dance exam.. oh man. that was evil (yea or not lol...the answers were written on the wall and she didn't even know it lmao). Then Krista and Amy and I played with duck tape... I got a "pimp stripe" or as I call it my "nicotine patch"... or maybe it was just black duck take on my arm... hmmm no one knows.. I am an international woman of mystery, no? So Amy and Kristina, me, and whoever else wants to go are going to hola mexico for lunch and skipping 1st/2nd.. it will be awesome!!!! Oh.. sorry got off track.. so after that I went to my boring classes and learned.. wait or did i? I don't remember.. so I guess that's a no! Then I bought new markers!!! AND STUFF FOR ASHLEY'S BIRTHDAY... SHHH ITS A SECRET. (Damnit Ashley if you are reading this and f it upm so help me!) heehee.

OHHH!!! And I got my senior parking sticker!!! YAY!!!!! *does a happy jig*

Well I'm off to go lick my toes with my new markers.

//EDIT: ooooh! And here's more from Quizzila!
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Raver Bear

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