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woot woot!

Ok, so today is definately Friday. Bitch, we are officially seniors!!! But before I get to that shit, let's take a little road trip down yesterday's events. This ride may thrill you, so please be sure to take a piss before reading as to secure the dryness of your seat. Ahem, here we go.

So, (pretend it is Thursday, again do not let go of your urinary juices.)the day started off as horrible. I officially named it "personal attack on Nicole fucking Allyn Rogers/Rofers day." When I woke up, I burnt the everliving bejesus out of my arm... (it is getting redder and redder by the day here.) So I had to go to school for the last time ever as a junior to take my final exam, which was keyboarding. Afterwards, while waiting for the exam to be over, I went online and created my Sex and the City quiz (which by the way it is imperative that you take it! go here to do it:

Which Sex and the City Character are You??!

So, after I went to talk to my English teacher about my grade, and I got an 89 on my English exam (with a lot of HELP lol)... so the late bell had already rung, but I didn't care because I was going home.. going to my car I had to lie to 2 administrators(damn nazis)... I was like "no really I am on the way to A2" and they are like "why the fuck are you going this way then????" (ok maybe they didn't say fuck.. but they were thinking it!) So I had to keep re-routing... I finally got there and went home. So it was my mom's wedding day.. and I went to help set up for the weding (all the while, stubbing all my toes, breaking bones, and killing myself seeing as it was personal attack on me day). So, my mom, on the DAY of the wedding decided she needs music (duh stupid).. and she sends my sister an I on the never-ending music to find approproate music. So skip a few hours in the day, and it's time for the "oh so joyous event!!!" So, I try on my dress and realize.. I can't wear any form of underwear with it (imagine my joy). I even try it with a slip.. nothing doing... so I had to go fucking commando to the wedding... DO YOU KNOW HOW UNCOMFORTABLE THAT SHIT IS?!?!?! So, the procession starts.. it's outside.. I am wearing stillettos (for you boys, those are very uncomfortable shoes with high, skinny heels) and well.. they heels kept sinking into the dirt and I was stumbling lol .. and I was walking in front of my mom down the "would-be isle." So, my now step-aunt (Jean Elliot) was to sing at the wedding a song she had written the day of. lol.. (she is a song writer and my mother decided to ask her to sing like an hour before.. my mom si so dumb sometimes... ) So.. Jean Elliot has made it where all five of the children (me, my sister, and my three new siblings Baker, Chap, and Marty) have to sing the chorus... of course we are laughing histerically and can't seem to stop. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.. trying to sing a chorus of "lalalalalalalalala" (LITERALLY THAT WAS THE CHORUS... I KID YOU NOT. That is even the exact number of "la"s in it) Anyways.. after the procession, all the people started drinking.. I got a tiny buzz but no drunkeness for me.. Although my sister was sooooo drunk.. so was her boyfriend, Thomas. My sister started kissing my neck and i hit her. lmao. She doesnt remember that now.. but she was so stupid... how disturbing was that? So I went home and crashed..

Skip forward to today.... today was graduation day. I was a junior marshall.. today was not half as interesting as yesterday... I had a headahce for a lot of it... then I drove ashley and megan down to graduation and I junior-marshalled my ass off... ok not really because I quit and went to sit down lol. Brandon and Chris said they were going to a strip club.. what douches.. Brandon used to be nice, what happened? Anyways, we all came back and went to Taco bell and met Bryan, Amanda, Tiffany, Grant, and James. It was so funny... Ok you all need to try this thing,... it is sooo weird... ok here are the steps:
1. get a friend..
2.stick out your pointer finger..
3. have your friend do the same..
4. touch them at the tips of your fingers...
5. use your thumb and pointer finger from your other hand to rub down the two touching fingers...

you may think this sounds strange (because it is) but dude.. it feels so weird.... we did this in Taco bell... and um... people stared.. but take my word for it! you need to try this!!!!!! lmao... I can't think of amything else to talk about.. what do you think of my awesome wedding story?????:-D
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