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My computer keeps dying and shit. It's really annoying... but anyways.. I just don't have much to update about... seriously..

Lately I've mostly just been into work and whatnot... And how about Ashley and I asked off for next Friday to go to the Harry Potter Premiere (lmao we are such dorks, but who the hell cares).. and we bought our tickets and those mofo's SCHEDULED US ANYWAYS. ugh.. so we had to return them and we are going saturday. woo..hoo.. lol.

Everyone worth talking to at work is leaving. Damn you bastards. Lets see... so far Hayley, Aaron, Rob, Pat, and Steven are leaving.. although Steven is gone only because he got fired.. lol.. Plus Amy was fired.. and I think Gay Billy in the kitchen left too. Damn you people.

Umm.. I can't think of much else I'm leaving out.. well cept Thursday night I went to Garretts off work. I learned I really suck at Trivia.. but it's still fun.. I stayed there with Aaron and Wes.. I think I left at 2:30 lmao.. I know i got there a lil after 9, but fuck it i was having a hell of a lot of fun.

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