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here i am!

YEA! Well I've officially seen Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban twice in two days now.... I've gotta say... I like the other movies better ... I think they need Christopher Columbus to direct the movie again... this new director.. sucks... anyways... Ashley and I went saturday and then Anthony and his kid and I went today. Of course I see Baxter there, who didn't seem happy to see me... I think he thinks I was on a date with Anthony.. sorry dear I wasn't!!! Anthony and I were really really loud tho...

Yea, um, thanks Brandon for those enlightening text messages during the movie, REALLY! Yea.. wow... I didn't know I could get text messages... or send them for that matter... I'm sure I'll have some ungodly charge for them (oops sorry mum), but I'll deal with that when it happens...

Yea, how about no one friggin showed up to work today.... I showed up to host... the only waiters who showed up were Maria, Danny, and Harold (and at 6 friggin o clock Micheal showed up... thats a long time with no waiters coming in....) and Anthony was at the bar. IT WAS SO BORING.. and Terry was in a PISSY ASS MOOD. I stayed there six and a half hours bc they just wouldn't let me go. I was mad.. bc I was going to go to the Hookers with Brandon and the other people... Oh well.. I had a lot of fun going to Harry Potter Round Two. lol.

Oh... YAY! I am going to the Dashboard Confessional/Thrice/Get Up Kids concert on June 20th!!! It's in Myrtle Beach... I can't wait! Apparently Matt is going and is renting a penthouse and told Amy we could stay in it... Matt I don't really know ya, but I think I could be in love with you! lol.

Well, I'm not working Monday or Tuesday soooo whoever wants to do something, holla.. cept i think i might already have plans for monday night...
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