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indeed, it goes.

hmmm let's start with yesterday then, shall we?????

Joe and I finally hung out after much talking about how we should hang out... I had an awesome time because my beloved Joe is awesome x a million. lol. we went to Barnes and Noble (where I had a mocha frappacino.. yum!) and then we went back to his place and watched Chasing Amy. We pretty much talked through the whole thing, but it was a good movie nonetheless lol. But we talked about random things and a lot of what we talked about was just... funny.. lol.

So then after that I saw Raising Helen with Brandon. It was allright.. but I think they need to rethink a few of the movie details... like how the Luthern Priest acts... which is... un-pastorlike... anywaysssss... lol

So after the movie I dropped by Garretts to write down in the request book that I was not going to be in town on the 20th or 21st of june bc of YAY The Dashboard/Thrice Concert!!!!!! AWESOME SHIT! I stayed and talked with Ashley about some stuff then went and talked to Anthony. So, then I went home and ate a potato. lol.

Then today, Ashley and I drove down to WNOK to pick up some Cd's I won for her... I'm kinda pissed actually... because every damn time i won they didn't ahve cd's i wanted... and this time they had all these AWESOME ones.. I'm like.. ok I'm never giving to charity (aka my friends) again... lol jk jk hopefully miss ashley will let me burn them (Hoobastank and Outkast). Then her and I went to the New San Jose, where the stupid people wouldn't stop staring at us and raping us with their eyes.. lmao. It was so weird.

So I took Ashley home, and then decided on the spur of the moment to stop by and visit my dearest Kristina, who was cleaning out of boredom. lol. We talked for a bit and decided that we were going to watch Donnie Darko tomorrow! yay!

I almost died on the way home from her house... it was raining sooo hard I literaly couldn't see more than 5 fucking feet in front of me... i was REALLY freaked out... but I made it home in time for Taku to come over and we had a "guitar lesson". Dude... I'm so proud... I learned "Can't Get MY Head Around You!!!" How awesome is that?!?! So now, I am doing nothing... yea.
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