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and then someone hit me...

hmm i'm really too damn lazy to be doing this.. but here goes:

Yesterday I got up and wasted my entire day being lazy, then I went to work at 6. It was very very damn boring. There was no one to talk to much except jesse and sometimes Anthony (who had bronchitis so he wasn't talking much as it was). Um yea, so Dan didn't want to let me go but finally I got cut and went and after work i finally, for the first time, got to see Spiderman. haha.

So I went to bed at 4 and COULD NOT SLEEP well... probably bc i am an idiot and took an 800 mg ib profin from anthony.. remind me to never ever do that again. You know I checked this morning and it turns out thats the equivalent of 4 ib profins. oops. never again...ever. So i woke up at 6:45 after no more than 3 hours total of sleep... I was up until 8:30 when I somehow managed to go back to sleep until 12 on the most uncomfortable couch in the house... go figure.

I have to go to work at 7:00 tonight even tho i wasn't supposed to bc... Garretts is retarded and we booked a party of 80 ppl at 8:30 and then a party of 60 at 9:00.. mind you we don't even have enough silverware to give to all these people... or enough places for them to sit.

Oh... this should be fun.
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